ChatGPT Errors EXPOSED: What You're Doing Wrong ft. Joe Kerns

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Struggling with ChatGPT? You're not alone. Join AI pro Joe Kerns as we dive into common mistakes with AI prompting and discover powerful tips to make ChatGPT really understand you.



00:00 - Intro
01:16 - How did Joe get into marketing?
05:31 - Will marketing ever be the same after AI?
08:18 - What is changing in marketing?
12:14 - Can ChatGPT write better than humans?
18:43 - How smart is AI?
23:05 - How to use ChatGPT in your business?
30:40 - Joe’s secret formula for prompting ChatGPT
40:13 - How to combine different AI models
52:15 - How do you get started with learning AI?
57:51 - AI token limits
01:06:00 - Where to use AI outside of business?
01:13:03 - How to break ChatGPT out of a creative rut
01:20:50 - Learn more from Joe