How Stress & Emotions Impact Your Gut Health ft. Brenda Gregory

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Discover how stress and emotions play a critical role in your gut health in this enlightening episode of 'Deeper Knowing', featuring functional medicine nutritionist, Brenda Gregory. We delve into the intricate connections between mental states, stress levels, and your digestive system, exploring everything from bloating to constipation. If you're tired of relentless digestive issues and looking for lasting solutions, this episode is an invaluable resource.



00:00 - Intro
01:13 - What is functional nutrition?
03:59 - How do emotions affect my physical health?
09:49 - How is bloating connected to emotions?
14:39 - How is caffeine affecting your digestion?
16:32 - Recipe for quitting caffeine
18:54 - Why are processed foods bad?
22:36 - What are processed foods?
24:56 - How toxic are the foods you eat?
28:47 - What are the causes for constipation?
33:52 - What is elimination diet?
37:57 - Why is protein important in your diet?
40:46 - Is intermittent fasting good for you?
44:41 - What should be your macro split (protein vs carbs vs fat)?
46:20 - Why is inflammation bad for us?
50:24 - Recharge your body by going into nature
53:53 - How to get started on your health journey
56:24 - How does metabolism work?
59:19 - Outro



Quit Coffee Recipe: