Are Your Decisions Really Yours? Exploring Human Design with Barbara Ditlow

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In this episode of 'Deeper Knowing', Barbara Ditlow, a Human Design expert, reveals the unseen matrix that influences our decisions. Learn how to navigate this complex web and start making decisions that are truly your own. This episode is a must-watch for anyone seeking to understand themselves better and take control of their life. Subscribe for more episodes that challenge the status quo and dive deep into the human psyche.



00:00 - Intro
01:23 - What is Human Design?
5:47 - Decision making in Human Design
8:18 - Who is planting thoughts in your mind?
12:42 - Human Design types
16:23 - How does Human Design help you make decisions?
28:03 - What is enlightenment?
34:58 - Decision making: Sacral vs Solar Plexus
38:24 - Make decisions based on your Body Graph
41:57 - How to understand your Human Design chart?
44:15 - Open centres: Traps or Wisdom
54:04 - How you get influenced by other’s energy
57:14 - Emotional wave (Solar Plexus)
1:03:41 - Practical applications for each Human Design type
1:08:56 - Outro