Is This All There Is? Confronting the Void After Hitting Big Goals with David Tuttlebee

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Ever reached your goals and felt... empty? Ever wondered, 'Is this all there is?' Dive into this episode of 'Deeper Knowing' as David Tuttlebee shares his personal journey from hitting the pinnacle of success to sliding into depression right after, and how he discovered what truly matters. This conversation might just be the insight you've been searching for.


00:00 - Intro
01:50 - How Dave’s run a successful e-commerce business for 19+ years?
18:20 - Did the rise in drop-shipping hurt Dave’s company?
21:33 - When is the right time to hire a team (cashflow, emotions, business need)?
29:41 - Contractors vs employees?
34:24 - Dave hit his biggest financial milestone… and got depressed for 2 years
44:01 - What are the 4 levels of consciousness?
56:51 - How do you find the meaning of life?
01:07:27 - Dave’s experience with miracles
01:12:34 - Resources for finding your path in life and connecting with God
01:24:52 - Dave’s take on the purpose of life