Shaping Your Reality with Human Design ft. Amanda Horvath

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Get ready to reshape your understanding of yourself and the world around you as we delve into the intriguing system of Human Design with Amanda Horvath. This episode of 'Deeper Knowing' will unravel how Human Design can provide insights into your unique blueprint, shaping your reality in profound ways.



00:00 - Intro
4:55 - What is Human Design?
5:27 - Human Design Types
6:20 - Generators in Human Design
7:00 - Manifestos in Human Design
8:48 - Projectors in Human Design
10:16 - Reflectors in Human Design
14:10 - How has Human Design transformed Amanda's business?
20:30 - What is Saturn Return?
25:03 - Open centres (traps) in Human Design
27:32 - Open Ego in Human Design
31:16 - Mind vs. Your Inner Guidance
36:51 - Where to get started with Human Design?
44:01 - Outro



Quickstart Guide to Human Design: