How To Add Subtitles To Videos On LinkedIn 2024

linkedin video Feb 04, 2024

Boost Your LinkedIn Video Engagement with Subtitles

Ever scrolled through LinkedIn and noticed how videos with subtitles tend to grab your attention more? That's because most LinkedIn users watch videos on mute. If your video doesn't have subtitles, you're missing out on engaging a significant portion of your audience. But don't worry, I've got you covered with a simple guide on adding catchy subtitles to your LinkedIn videos, ensuring your message gets heard, even in silence.

Why Subtitles are a Must on LinkedIn

Subtitles are not just a nice-to-have; they're essential for LinkedIn videos. They ensure your content is accessible to everyone, including those who prefer watching videos without sound. Plus, subtitles can boost engagement and help your message resonate more effectively with your audience.

Step 1: Meet Munch, Your Subtitle Tool

First things first, let's talk about Munch, an epic tool for adding fun and engaging subtitles to your videos. Munch is so user-friendly and versatile that it's become my go-to for video subtitles. Start by grabbing the link from the description to open up Munch and dive into its subtitle magic.

Step 2: Upload and Customize Your Video

Once you're in Munch, uploading your video is a breeze. Just hit the big plus icon, and you're on your way. Munch not only transcribes your video automatically but also lets you style your subtitles to match your brand or mood. Choose colors, fonts, and positions to make your subtitles pop off the screen.

Step 3: Export and Shine on LinkedIn

After tweaking your subtitles to perfection, it's time to export your video and get it ready for LinkedIn. Remember to turn off LinkedIn's default captions for a cleaner look. Upload your video, choose a thumbnail that makes you look fab, and voilà, you're set to captivate your LinkedIn audience.

Why This Matters

In a world where attention is the new currency, making your videos stand out on LinkedIn is crucial. By adding subtitles, you're not just making your content more accessible; you're also increasing its potential to engage and convert. It's a simple step that can significantly amplify your video's impact.

Take Action: Try Munch & Let's Chat

Give Munch a Go: Ready to see the difference subtitles can make? Dive into Munch and start transforming your videos today.

It's a small change that could have a big impact on your engagement rates.

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