How to Add a Link to LinkedIn Profile 2024

linkedin Feb 03, 2024

Adding a "Visit My Website" Button on LinkedIn

Ever noticed some profiles on LinkedIn have a cool "Visit My Website" button and wondered how to get one for yourself? You're in luck because I'm about to show you how to set this up, plus a nifty workaround if you're not on LinkedIn Premium:

Step 1: Check Your Creator Mode

First up, make sure your Creator Mode is turned on. Just scroll down to "Resources" on your profile and flip that switch. Need help? I've got a quick video that walks you through it.

Step 2: Adding the Button

With Creator Mode active, hit the pencil icon on your profile to edit. Scroll down, and you'll find the "Custom Button" option. Here's the catch though – LinkedIn likes to keep this feature under its Premium umbrella. So, if you're not subscribed, you might hit a roadblock.

Free Alternative? Yes, Please!

Not keen on paying for Premium just for this? There's another way. Use the "Featured" section to link anywhere you want. I used it to highlight my free profile makeover mini-course. Pop an emoji there, and it'll catch eyes for sure.

Is Premium Worth It?

While we're on the topic, LinkedIn Premium does pack a punch with features like Sales Navigator, which I swear by for finding and connecting with my ideal clients. Here's a deep dive into Sales Navigator if you're curious about getting the most out of LinkedIn.

Let's Wrap It Up

If you're diving deeper into LinkedIn or just want to chat about how to leverage it for your brand, book a free 15-minute discovery session here.